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Visit our siida

Markanbaiki! At home! Here you get to meet siida eamit, she is the one who rules and cares for everyone as a mother does, including her tame reindeer! Not far from home but a bit out in the open nature. Here you can sit down well on a reindeer skin around a fire to enjoy the sight and crackling from the campfire,while you are served hot drink and something to chew on. Maybe even her tame reindeer will come and greet.

Hear her story!

Tour time: 2 hours+.


NOK690/per person
  • tame reindeers
  • Bonfire
  • Northenlights

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Vi anbefaler at våre gjester har varmt utstyr tilpasset sesongen. I vintersesongen kan temperaturen synke til -30° celsius. 

Anbefalt utstyr om vinteren:

  • Vintersko 
  • Lue og votter
  • Termojakke og bukser  

Anbefalt utstyr vår/sommer/høst: 

  • Vanntette sko og klær 

Aktiviteten er tilgjengelig fra 26. desember

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